“Boring Brown Eyes” Canvas Print

“Boring Brown Eyes” 🖤💋
#Art by #Lund3on


There’s always a story about a ex…
(Oh, artists and their heart break)
An ex once told me,” At least she doesn’t have boring brown eyes.” After cheating on me with some rando he ended up knocking up and marrying.
And I never used to think of my eyes as being boring, until he said that… Like, how sad.
And I still don’t, but it really hurt my feelings.
I just never thought of that even being an option before..
When I met my current partner, he told me he liked girls with brown eyes when I asked his “type”.
He said he didn’t really have a “type,” but he liked brown eyes.
Not that all our self appreciation should be based on what others say, but words have an impact on us as people.
Whether we read them or say them. (So, fucking be nice)
Even though they’re “just” words, they can definitely affect your view, or make you think about things you never thought.
I’ve been recently dealing with a lot of he said she said, and it made me think of the time someone thought I had “boring brown eyes”… Only to meet someone who loves brown eyes.
People’s opinions are THEIR business. Not ours.  It’s none of my business what you think about my eyes.
So, I put my BORING brown eye on shirt, hats, pins, and socks!
Cuz it’s not boring. My brown eyes are beautiful! And so are you!

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