The Solar Eclipse of April

The Solar Eclipse of 2024

It was during Aries.

Mercury Retrograde. Something with Chiron.

It was a New Moon. And something with Saturn.

Allegedly, all Cardinal signs are going to be impacted as a result.

That would mean: Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.

So many people were terrified of the “chaotic energy” produced by this eclipse. There was even a murder suicide…

Well, for others, it was more about healing past wounds, and not falling back into old ways & old habits.

No, this healing past wounds doesn’t mean text your ex for closure.

This is more like gaining a “reflective perspective”…

I didn’t feel the chaos, but I felt more nostalgia, accomplished some childhood goals, and I was contacted by an old Burbank friend!

A really good old friend, with whom I lost touch over the many passing years!

A friend I worried about for years, but didn’t know how to contact! I was so happy to hear from my friend, I cried!

Sometimes, it’s terrifying getting back in touch with part of your past.

Especially, when I’ve moved so much, been through so much, and have learned so much.. I don’t even feel like the same person anymore!

But rekindling this old friendship has been absolutely wonderful! In fact, she’s able to teach me more about subjects I’ve been studying and has been so supportive and great!

I was and still am elated!

So, thank you Solar Eclipse and Chiron for bringing a nostalgic gem back into my life!

In preparation for the “Blasphemeet” show, I purchased a sign for my first booth! 

I’ve always wanted a fluorescent sign!

I suppose these days, they’re LED’s but still!

AND to top it off, it’s a sign customized to my art name, which is FREAKING AWESOME! 

If you’ve ever wanted an “LED” customized light for yourself, or your business , it’s super easy to order.

You can order a Custom Business Neon Sign Here. For ANY business, really.

(I liked some of the salon business designs too!)

This was a very special eclipse. 

It was a total healing moment, an initiation into the next phase of my life, and an opportunity to fill in the holes left from my past. 

Once upon a time, my backpack was stolen while I was performing with Marching Band. 

My journal, all of my homework, my books, and my favorite CD and CD player were all stolen with it. 

A month later, I saw a friend’s brother wearing my headphones. He swore he bought them from someone else.. but who cares.. my stuff was gone. 

Well, I was finally able to find the CD stolen from me. 

My parents worked for WB when I was a child, and would bring home demo CDs of new music artists used in the shows. 

Some of them became super popular, while others not so much. But I loved hearing music no one else was listening to! 

I WAS so jazzed to find a copy of my missing CD.I randomly remembered the artist’s name and found her CD on Amazon! 

You can order her music too, to enjoy it with me. I’d love to hear what you think! 

Let me know, in the comments, your experience with the Solar Eclipse on April 8th, 2024.

I’m curious to hear how it affected everyone else.

Thank you for reading!



P.S. More Art to come, and more “Blasphemeet” prep

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