The F R I E N D S Set…

Originally, the “Friends” and “Friends 2” set were created during weekly LIVE art sessions held on my social media pages.  

I wanted to try something new, and it ended up being a success.  I experimented with a water bottle, inks, and pen, and then went in for some detail. 

After evaluating this new technique I applied, I started to think about different titles to use for the new pieces. 

The word friends was repeating in my head.  I kept thinking of how the images in the artwork reminded me of all the friends I’ve had, and either kept or lost, over time.  

One theme throughout my life, besides being an absolute weirdo and obsessive talker, is moving. I have moved so many times.  From one city to another, to another, and now to another county altogether. 

I don’t think I have ever lived in one place longer than 3 – 4 years, since the age of five. 

It has never been easy moving away from all my friends. 

Looking at these pieces reminds me of all the times I’ve had to move and all the friends that I’ve left during the moving process.  

Social media has made it easier to connect with some old friends.  However, it will never be the same as the times we spent when we all lived close together and spent more time with one another.  

So, like the creepy little faces, portrayed in my art by the new method of painting I used, the ghosts of my friendships are honored here, reminding me to appreciate the good times, while they last, and never forget to find different ways to create new ones as life moves forward. 

   Friends - Lund3on Art 8x10  Friends II - Lund3on Art 8x10


Stay Tuned,

– Lund3on

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