Mina was inspired by 1920’s fashion and religion.

Short for minerva, this piece incorporates flowers and similar colors found in depictions of The Virgen de Guadalupe.

I researched swimsuits from the 1920’s and came up with a design.

Her extreme measurements are an exaggeration of the beauty standards from my youth..

I wanted to express my passion for fashion, and how I’ve worshiped the fashion world since I was a little girl.

Looking up to models, like Kate Moss, I idolized models and fashion throughout my entire childhood.

It affected my eating habits, to extreme ends, and I even asked my parents my “stretch” me so I would grow an inch to BE SURE I would be tall enough to be a model. 

I rarely missed an episode of America’s Next Top Model, a television show that frequently aired throughout my teenage and young adult years.

When I was 13, we got my headshots done, by a professional photographer my mother befriended while working for WB television, and when I got into high school, I had to make a choice between band and modeling, and I chose…


But inside I still worshiped the haute couture world, wrote papers about Coco Chanel in college, and favored eating an extreme low calorie diet until I was about 27 years old, hoping for the day I would be able to redecide my fate.

It’s safe to say, I treated fashion like it was my religion.

And there’s no better time to appreciate the history of fashion, than to reference 1920’s swimsuits in my art, a century later.

I was inspired by burlesque shows, and wanted to create a modern day 1920’s swimsuit model, to the extreme.

My obsession with modeling devoured my world.

(Even my car’s name is currently Dior Noir)

I couldn’t stop at the brunette, considering I’m a mixed woman!

So, Mina was my first piece of the set expressing my worship of fashion.

Soon came Rhea, and then came Brigid; all referencing goddesses, modeling 1920’s swimsuits, in a burlesque runway show.

You can see all three pieces on RedBubble.com.

Search “Lund3on” to view my shop…

Let me know which of this set is your favorite, by commenting here or any of my social media profiles.

Stay Tuned!

-Lund3onMina - Lund3on Art 8x10

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